Creative Therapy Mentorship Program

"My experience with Creative Therapy, Inc. was an incredible one. You have a wonderful staff 
who were very welcoming and helpful. The information you shared with me has been so much help.
I am very privileged to have gotten to work with you!"


Clinical Tract

Length: 40 hours (may be scheduled in one week or one day per week for 5 weeks

Intended Audience: AHA Level I or Level II Therapists who desire more "hands on"
experience and clinical hours for NARHA Registered Therapist eligibility

Must be an occupational therapist, certified occupational therapy
assistant, physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, or speech and language

: $800.00



1. Experiential review of the multidimensional movement of the horse.
    Participant will ride at least 3 horses, describing the movement of the walk
    and how it will likely transfer to patients.

2. Participation in actual hippotherapy sessions.
    Participant will function as a side walker, horse handler (after demonstrating
    ability) and facilitator of the session.

3. Planning of hippotherapy sessions.
     Participant will complete several treatment planning worksheets, including
    session goals, choice of horse with rationale, equipment choice, identification
    of treatment team and necessary communication prior to treatment, identify

    horse warm up, ring set-up, pre-treatment conversation with parent and
    planned treatment strategies during the session including pre-riding activity,
    mounting procedure, activities while riding, dismount, post-riding activity,
    conversation/closure with parent and team review of session.

4. Demonstration of safety awareness.
    Participant will review with staff safety guidelines of NARHA (North
    American Riding for the Handicapped Association) and be challenged
    throughout the mentorship program to maintain ‘safety first’.

5. Improved clinical awareness of how to effectively use the movement of the
in treatment sessions.
    Participant will be supervised throughout the mentorship by an experienced
    therapist who is registered with NARHA. All mentoring therapists have a
    minimum of 2 years experience practicing hippotherapy. They will be
    sharing experiences and challenging the participant to improve clinical

6. Improved understanding of the business aspects of hippotherapy, including
    documentation, record keeping, reimbursement issues, volunteer
    coordination and marketing.
    Participant will receive a 3 ring comprehensive notebook with sample
    documentation forms, treatment planning worksheets, insurance forms,
    billing forms, volunteer manual, etc.

7. Resource for participant as he/she develops programs.
    Participant is encouraged to call the director or mentoring therapist for
     ongoing assistance after the mentoring experience.