Meet Our Horses

Meet Marlee

Marlee is a quarter horse cross. He is seven years old and 14 hands tall. Marlee moved to Creative Therapy Farm in April and likes his new job as a therapy horse. He has a sweet disposition and is very attentive to the children who come to ride. Marlee is jointly owned by Marie Dawson and Paige Paar. Marlee is named in memory of Lee Holley, who worked at Creative Therapy Farm caring and loving the horses.



Meet Bruiser

Bruiser is a haflinger and is our shortest horse at just under 14 hands. He was born in 1998. He walks slowly and is pretty unflappable. He loves his job and loves eating grass! He is owned by Paige Paar.




Meet Beamur

Beamur is a beautiful Morgan gelding and the newest horse to our therapy team. He was born in 2000 and has had a variety of jobs including teaching children to ride.  Because he has taken to Creative Therapy's clients so quickly everyone has fallen in love with him.  He is on loan to Creative Therapy from his owner, Vicky Toporek.



Meet Primo

Primo is 16.1 hands tall and rarely used in therapy because of his height. He is a hanovarian, born in 1997, and his primary function is being Marie's partner in dressage. Watching over the fence in therapy, he seems jealous of the therapy horses! He is owned by Marie Dawson.